It is already mid June, what happened??

It is already mid June, what happened??

I feel completely baffled about how we got so quickly from February to June and my poor blog, (along with some house plants) got caught in the fray and nearly died from malnourishment. 

However, unlike the houseplants, my clay will wait for me to return and that I did. I have been busy and excited about printing on clay, I was able to venture out with the amazing 'Waterford Sketchers' to do some drawing around the town, and also went to the beautiful fishing village of Passage East to join an Artisan Craft market at the 'Black Sheep cafe'. Mixing business with pleasure in the most delightful of ways. 

Right now I am in the middle of making three series of plates which can be hung on the wall or used as plates or trays, all have a mixture of underglaze transfers, my prints, and using some overglaze decals too ( if they come in the post, that is). Supplies are a challenge sometimes. 

Also making some wicked Sheelagh face planters with a grogged clay body and a pea green glaze. Hoping they will look like I just dug them up in an archeological dig.

I want that look for almost everything I make actually. 

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