It's been a long year and yet it flew!

It's been a long year and yet it flew!

Dec 29, 2021

It has been such a weird year. A weird year for everyone. For me a year like no other, a year full of learning and making lots of mistakes and learning more. Having more time to think and create than I have had for a really long time, probably since I was in art college back in the mid eighties!

It has been wonderful, even in the strange times that we live in, to start a business and try to acquire skills to do that. There is lots of internal arguments in my head about all this. That I have some cheek thinking I can learn how to run a business this stage of my life. That I don’t have the underlying talent that I need to create the business. That I will never master basic skills of business, or even have less distain for things like branding and ad campaigns.

 But one thing I did get better at during my life, is when you start something, you stay the course for a decent enough time before giving up. Don’t overthink it, just stay the course. All the support I have received over the past year really helps with that and thank you to all who have encouraged me with words, purchases and consideration.

Thus, over the coming weeks, I hope and plan to move Shedpotz -the website and place of curated things- from being Christmas based, to introducing non holiday items, commissioned pieces and more workshop options. My studio practise around covid guidelines and recycling/minimal use will also be detailed in policies.

My goal in starting a website has always been to make the experience of my online store as much like a real store as possible. I will continue to work towards that in 2022.

Who knows what next year will bring - hopefully good things to all of us. Let’s stay a good, optimistic course right now and hang in there.


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