New products added to the shelves!

New products added to the shelves!


I am terrible at remembering to do posts- apologies. Also, I am not much for talking and blogging is talking but with words written down, so you have to give me a minute to think up words here. Anyways, I am making away while I am able to grab time. I am much inspired to make by things I see, by technical aspects I want to try, by requests from people regarding things they need or want. It is all great and I hope I always have more ideas than time, a wonderful complaint for sure. 

I have just put some new smaller plates for the summer online, the smaller plates are great coming with me to the market when I get to do that, and also online now are the square bowls with chunky handmade spoons. I made these last year and never got time to upload the photos and weigh them and so on, so about 3 of the original series are left I think. I like them very much and had alot of fun decorating them with little stamps, colours and blocks of transfers and glazes- check them out, they are super for a gift for a friend who likes to cook. 

I unpacked the kiln this morning and the first 2 of this summers platters were glazed and I have to say, it is always a bit of a risk using underglaze colours, they can look completely different after they are fired, but I was not disappointed at all when I saw them and did a little happy dance and had to step back and come look at them again to believe how much I liked how they turned out. I can honestly say that doesn't always happen when the kiln is opened. The little blue beakers had fired as well and look cute, I still need to fill them with boiled water to test their water proofedness but I think and hope they are good. I hope to have them uploaded for Friday pm at 5 gmt. 

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