Sheelaghs continued...

Sheelaghs continued...

Sheelaghs continued.                         Shedpotz, Feb 15 2022

Just was reviewing stuff on Shedpotz and realised that although I started on stories talking about Sheelagh na Gigs, and have Sheelagh na Gigs here both completed and in design stage, there is none on the website. How did that happen.

So, first an explanation and then a journey to plan.

The Explanation

I never posted the Sheelagh vases for dried flowers on the website because I couldn’t decide what colour they should be (loved them all for different reasons). Maybe different colours is the way to go. Please throw in your 2 cents worth on this if the mood takes you…. The Sheelagh pendants are residing currently on Etsy so I didn’t feel an urgency to move them. I am starting to make the final colored vases later in the week though, despite my indecision- the Sheelagh ship must sail!


The Journey

Also joining them, and additionally in the genre of ceramics-meets-plants will be my Sheelagh planters for indoor plants. These are growing on size planters, made to fit a specific size little planter so the planter I make will not need holes in it. The plant will provide beautiful hair for Ms Sheelagh and should be lots of fun. I will post the journey of making here, and through the usual fun platforms of facebook-  and Insta- looking forward to it!!!



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