Studio Life at Last

Studio Life at Last

Studio life at last.

I worked with people most of my life. And during that time, I always told people that one of the reasons I would never have made it as an artist (apart from questionable talent levels) was being alone all day in a studio would not suit me at all. Be too lonely, I would be talking to the walls.

And now look at me. Talking to glaze pots and a tiny dog. Additionally, we are in a pandemic in which we have spent so much time in isolation. I would say I have taken to this like a duck to water. You can really get inside your own head as an artist when there is no one to talk to. Sometimes I spend quite a while moving from one thing I am trying to decide about to another thing I am staring at, and it is a privilege to have the time to do it. I can have a deeper train of thought which I guess now that I write it down is pretty obvious.

It might be like what others experience when they do meditation. Maybe- although I never did meditation because the idea of spending time deliberately choosing to think about nothing of course boogles my head but I think me staring at glaze samples might be similar. I will throw that out to the meditators amongst us.

Life is drastically different working in a studio all day. The silence can be deafening sometimes and other times I go for a walk just to clear my head from my own thoughts. But to be honest, I like both lives. I cherish this part. But I enjoyed different situations where I have worked with people and enjoy the random things you share when you share part of your workday. And right now, a tiny dog that started her life sadly on the roads and then in a dog rescue home, is really happy that we are here in my studio spending our days happily making cool stuff. And going for walks and eating treats, of course.

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