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Bonsai Pot Clay Workshop Feb 18 2023

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Bonsai plants are amazing and how much fun would it be to make your own pot for one of these fascinating plants? 

You can take a unique opportunity to do this by joining my workshop on February 18 from 10am to 1pm. We will make the pot from start to finish using an unusual method with clay, a subtractive carving technique that allows you to  hack the pot from a solid, slightly hard lump of clay. If you have joined my silver clay jewellery class previously, this will be the polar oposite, we will be banging the clay with rolling pins and heaving the insides out with a selection of pottery carving and shaping tools. It will be massive fun and a project that can't go wrong so even if you never made anything with clay before, you are going to make a super, unique pot. 

The workshop will take 3 hours with tea and bikkies break in the middle . I will have a selection of glaze tests so you can choose how you would like it glazed. When the pots dry they will be bisqued, glazed and then fired again. I will then get in contact for them to be collected. The drying process and firings will take up to a month so if you are giving the pot to a bonsai loving friend, bear that in mind !