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Bowl and Spoon

Bowl and Spoon

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I would like to introduce you to my quirky square bowls which are accompanied by a unique chunky ceramic spoon. 

The bowls (and spoons) are made with earthenware clay by me in my little studio and fired several times with underglaze prints, combinations of underglaze colours and glazes. They are made from square rolled out slabs of clay, wider at the top than the base and have a rounded aspect to the volume to hold more and soften the profile. People ask me all the time, what are these for and I would say dips, snacks and anything else you fancy is the answer. If you would like to purchase one, please send pics of what you serve out of them to share!

 The spoons are glazed both sides which is of course a challenge with clay but I did it by putting a tiny heart on the back which is unglazed and firing the spoon balanced on the tiny heart in the glaze firing. I wanted the spoons to be glazed as it is more hygienic and lasts longer if its run through the dishwasher regularly. Handwashing increases longevity, but who has the time. You can balance the spoon on the end and the tiny heart if that helps with the cooking at any point. 

The bowl measures 110mm x 65mm high and the spoon is 130mm long approximately. It weighs 360grms for both, more when packed for shipping of course.

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