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Large Ceramic Tray 21 cm

Large Ceramic Tray 21 cm

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This tray is as big as my fairly small kiln can make and at 30 x 18 cm it can hold quite a bunch of cookies or other things, but let's focus on the cookies. 

Slab built from white earthenware clay, decorated with textured surface, it is glazed to a low gloss finish and has an ancient eastern feel to its surface. It is made by me in my little studio so each is unique and hand made. the handles have a contrasting colour, giving a leather look, but are made from clay too. there is a cut out collar under the tray to give it a lift and hold warm food better. The tray can be popped in the dishwasher if required, probably last longer if hand washed though. 

The tray is mailed in a gift box and double boxed for the journey. The blue  weighs about 700g and the green one 820 when packed in the box.

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