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Nerikomi Ceramic Beaker 8cm

Nerikomi Ceramic Beaker 8cm

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Nerikomi is a japanese technique with clay where the clay is coloured and then cut, folded and rolled to make patterns that go through the clay and can be seen inside and outside. The small beakers that I like to make are a perfect size for juice, wine or even a g&t of a rainy evening.  The beaker is finished with a little floral image and a transparent glaze. I made 3 of these but one warped, another needs refiring, but this little beauty needs nothing more (she said proudly!).

I really love how this turned out, this little beaker is almost my favourite thing I have made so far. The the weight v size is very satisfactory to hold, it is not chunky, quite delicate but simple and plain yet sturdy enough to use regularly. There is only one so it is quite special and unique. However, it is the same size and clay as other beakers in my shop here so it would sit quite nicely beside them to make your own set!

It is mailed in a gift box and double boxed for safety in the mail system.  

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