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Oval Victorian Swirl Platter

Oval Victorian Swirl Platter

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This Platter is great for snacks, or to gather items to display, and it makes a lovely gift to yourself or someone else!

It is slab built from buff earthenware clay, decorated with bands of overlapping underglaze colours in my usual maximalist just-can't-leave-it-alone way. On top of which is an underglaze transfer pattern from Sanbao of white victorian swirls. I like the contrast between the underglaze colours and the gentle antique look of the swirls. It is glazed to a low gloss finish, has a gentle rise and a cute little rim underneath so it could be glazed on the back for a nice finish. The platter measures 30 x15cm. It is made by me in my studio so each is unique and hand finished. 

There are 2 available in this design at the moment, there are two more but not completed yet.

The platter weighs about 250g, 300g when packed.

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