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Handmade Ceramic Beaker 8.5cm

Handmade Ceramic Beaker 8.5cm

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The small beakers that I like to make are a perfect size for juice, wine or even a g&t of a rainy evening. There are three colours available,  3 of each available, more can be made to order but just takes a bit longer! The beakers are made with rolled out slabs of clay, decorated with underglaze transfers from sanbao studios and finished with coloured glazes. As a result, no two are exactly the same.

I really love how these turned out, the the weight v size is very satisfactory to hold, they are not chunky, quite delicate but simple and plain yet sturdy enough to use regularly. So order one- or choose a selection of matching or mismatching beakers to make your own set, they are mailed in gift boxes and double boxed for safety in the mail system.  

*Update- the blue/green and orange sets are gone to their forever homes, red still available and new beakers in this size on the way soon!

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