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A Fairly Tiny Flower Petal Plattereen

A Fairly Tiny Flower Petal Plattereen

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A  plate large enough for one snack or just to look at perhaps, but a piece of cake would definitely fit on it. Can also be very useful for keys, jewellery or a bar of soap, some paperclips or other stationary storage, or just to look at. And of course, the little plates can be put on the wall to enjoy looking at them, also an important purpose!

The little plates are made with slabs of clay and decorated with coloured clays, drawings, prints, commercial transfers, glazes in a process requiring multiple firings. They can be heated or popped in the dishwasher safely. They can be purchased a few at a time to make your own set and make a cute gift. They are handmade by me in my studio and each is unique.

The plates are a flowery oval shape with a petal edge. They measure 105mm x 120mm x about 30mm high. 

Plates are shipped in alot of wrapping, they weigh about 160g and 220g when packed for shipping. 

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