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Bird Brooch

Bird Brooch

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Okay, right, I know I am losing the run of myself with the brooches, but how cute are these??

Brooches made from earthenware clay and then printed with various underglazes and underglaze transfers from screens I made for printing. A few firings later, they are glazed with a thin layer of transparent glaze to bring out all those colours and patterns. As a result, each are unique and slightly different. The brooches attach with pin clasp or roll lock attachments to your clothing.

As the brooches are made from clay, I do not recommend using them on very light fabric such as silk. Great with sweaters and woolly scarves and hats, or on the lapel of your favourite coat! Brooches are in individual gift boxes which can be made (by me!!) from recycled material if you fancy it, or else brown card branded gift boxes. 

The brooched measure from 4cm for little robins to 8cm for long tailed birds. They weigh about 20gm when packaged.

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