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Ceramic Brooch

Ceramic Brooch

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I accidently acquired these adorable little images, somehow I thought they were larger and thought about them for a different project. As you can see, they are quite tiny and exquisite and putting them on a little brooch seemed a great way to show them off!

The brooch is created with rolled out, decorated earthenware clay which is bisque fired before glaze is added and popped back in the kiln again. The tiny image is fired on in a later firing. So these little guys have been in and out of the kiln a few times indeed!!

There are five in the collection, a cat, an image of clowns, two with pretty bouquets and one giving romantic advice (which is always useful in life).

The brooch are small and light, as they are made of clay, might work best with heavier fabrics and excellent to set off jackets, coats, scarves etc. A safety closure pin attaches the brooch to garments, and they are mailed in a cute gift box. The brooches weigh approx 11g and 30g when packed.

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