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Ceramic Flower

Ceramic Flower

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I was thinking about how dreary it was in my garden before growth started out there. It might be mostly weeds to be honest but that is beside the point of discussion at the moment so I will keep going. I decided to make a flower from clay that could be put out in the garden and look cheerful even on a gray day and here they are. 

From a weathering point of view, ceramics and ice are not great together, it shortens the life of the clay object- having said that I made other flowers years ago and they are outside in Ireland 12 months a year and have moss growing on them and look good I think. But if you need the utmost longevity for your flowers maybe bring them indoors when the snow flies and the earth freezes. 

Technically, the flowers fit on a piece of garden bamboo so you can pop the bamboo in the earth and the installation is complete in about 5 seconds. The flowers are glazed back and front to provide greater rain resistance. They weigh 170 gms and measure 12.5cm. 

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