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Ceramic Teacup, handbuilt

Ceramic Teacup, handbuilt

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I was drinking tea one day and it occured to me that sometimes, you want a teacup to be a bit smaller than I like for coffee, and a tad squarer in dimension, keeping the circumference the same but reducing the height. That's why I made these about 1 cm shorter than my coffee cups. Obviously you can use them for coffee, gin or whatever you choose. 

 There are some different colours and prints to choose from, some were gone before even uploaded, so i am planning to add more as soon as I haave them!. They weigh 400grms when packaged for mailing, and each is packaged in a cardboard box to gift, but then boxed again if popped in the mail. When your package arrives, it will look like you have been sent a giant mug but really, the cups need alot of wrapping!

Cupss can be used with hot or cold liquids, not recommmended for microwave use as the handles can get really hot. But you can chance it if you want, it is a free country!

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