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Clay juice/ wine cup set of 4

Clay juice/ wine cup set of 4

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The small beakers that I like to make are a perfect size for juice, wine or even a g&t of a rainy evening. I made this set a little while ago but to be honest I just kept them to look at because they are exquisite and I love them. However, I cannot keep everything or I will become a hoarder so here they are, looking for a forever home!  There is a set of 4 of them and they have their own perfect little box to live in. They are made with rolled out slabs of clay, decorated with underglaze transfers from Sanbao studios and finished with coloured glazes. As a result, no two are exactly the same.

This set of little 4 vessels are as light as feathers and I really love how they turned out, the the weight v size is very satisfactory, they are quite delicate looking but actually fairly sturdy . They are mailed in a gift box and double boxed for safety in the mail system.  They weigh about 80 grams each, 1.5 kg when double boxed for the postbox.

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