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Cute Rectangular Tray in Red 22.5 cm

Cute Rectangular Tray in Red 22.5 cm

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This small tray is great for snacks, a candle or keeping jewellery in a pretty place.

Slab built from white earthenware clay, decorated with underglaze transfers and sepia prints of flowers from around my house and garden, it is glazed to a low gloss finish and has an ancient eastern feel to its surface. The tray measures 22.5 x 16 cm. It is made by me in my little studio so each is unique and hand made. 

 The back of the tray is a fairly glossy deep red glaze with some dark specks and can be flung in the dishwasher, well not literally, place it carefully in the dishwasher. If you want the tray to last through your family for six generations maybe hand wash it. But really, just use and enjoy!

The tray is mailed in a gift box and double boxed for the journey. It weighs about 275g, 300g when packed.

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