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Sheelagh Tiles

Sheelagh Tiles

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These tiles came about due to my curiousity exploring a printing technique with clay (and my gra for Sheelaghs of course). The technique involves images, underglazes, arabic gum, linseed oil and a big mess. I am not a big fan of messes and am still learning (there are alot of fails), but some come out good and these are among them. The image is one element, and the print technique adds another dimension to the overall effect.

The tiles are made from white earthenware clay and include Sanbao underglaze decals as well as the prints. They are finished with a light coat of transparent glaze. The tiles are slightly different sizes, but roughly 13cm x 19cm, exact details with the photos. I am including an image of how my sister framed one in a floating frame, this is not included or provided by me, but I think it's a great idea -my sister is full of them! They are light but need alot of packing in the post to travel safely. 

This technique works beautifully with old images and I will add more samples as I derive success!

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