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Tote bag for Coffee drinkers!

Tote bag for Coffee drinkers!

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The possibilities of drawing on fabric with HTV seem endless. As a result, here is a tote bag, expressing how it is always a good time for a cup of coffee with a friend. 

What a heart warming message to have on your shopping bag, and a reminder to stop half way through doing errands, phone a buddy and enjoy a cup of coffee! The tote would make a lovely gift for your coffee loving friends.

 I think this text would look really lovely on an old rectangular mirror, don't have one around the house atm, but that might happen. 

Phrases can also be put on teeshirts or signs. 

The tote bags are 100% cotton and measure 38x42cm with a 10l capacity. The decal should not be directly ironed and it is recommended to tumble dry on low. I tumble dry everything at the same temperature and it doesn't do any harm but I do like to pass along the professional recommendations. 

If you want these, or any other words printed on something contact me for prices. No job too small but many too large!

Weight packaged in 150g.

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