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Wall Tiles- Goat and Sheep

Wall Tiles- Goat and Sheep

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Set of 2 wall tiles depicting a goat and a sheep.

The different elements that make up the composition are from hand made and acquired underglaze transfers which I love using, like applique in fabric design, or collage in drawing- found objects, making something unique and quirky together. They were very enjoyable to develop using prints and patterns. I forgot to glaze fire them and when I did I really was surprised when they came from the kiln! 

The tiles are made from earthenware clay and fired multiple times with underglaze prints. A layer of transparent glaze heightens the colours and patterns. 

The tiles can be presented in multiple ways, including in a frame of your choosing -they fit in standard 10 x 15cm box frames- or by adding hooks to the back, or using a plate hanger. The tiles are mailed wrapped and in a box. 

If you would like to commission an image of your own choosing, please get in touch for how that could happen!

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